Down there, up there, just a moment in time with light…

About “Sacred Sky Sacred Earth: Pacific meditation” on August 18, 2012 by Inta Balode

Huge and tiny, earth and air, fire and water, inspiration by spirit, by creative spirit, by spirit of the free wind, spirit of clean waters, spirit of air and spirit of warming, protecting and cleaning fire. Dance in its improvised and structured form, light and sound installation, music improvisations. Context of tiny but sophisticated native plants surviving in extreme desert conditions; and elevators on the cliffs bringing down rich people to the ocean (probably once a year). International dance exchange and collaboration without barriers; and the uniqueness of every corner of the world and things that will never be fully understood by others.

This is the intro paragraph from the article I wrote about light installation on Blacks Beach. To read full text you should go to our little Latvian website – and read the text right here –

Blacks Beach 8-18-2012

Great day at the beach and wonderful party.

Images from Les Noces @ Cal-Laboratory Kitchen

George Willis’s photos from the sharing of Allyson Green’s Les Noces are the first ones to hit this blog.